Adoptable Felines

In need of a good home with a great owner!
Travel can be arranged to your city or state.
If you are interested in adopting, then use the Contact Us form on this website to begin the process. 
We will ask and answer questions, and there is an adoption form.
Fill out the adoption form and return to us.
We will contact you for clarification and to discuss.
Next we will want to do a home visit in person or FaceTime.
If everything looks good, there is an Adoption Contract plus adoption fee.
Then we will bring or send the cat to your home.
Thank you for your interest in one or more of these forest felines!

Ghost (adopted)

This guy is big and soft and engaging. His desire to love and be loved is palpable.  His stately bearing often intimidates other cats in his presence.  We named him Ghost because his coloring on his fur has so much depth that even appears translucent.  He is an alpha cat and would not do well with other cats from what we have observed.  He is also FIV+ which is little issue if he is the only cat. 


A feminine and loving cat who happened to be an attentive mama to three little girls.  Vivian is a gem of a cat.  We love her beautiful grey coat and her unique shaped face.  She is a talker too and has a special way of letting you know what she is thinking.  At least we think we know what she wants.  We do know she doesn’t like closed doors when she knows you are on the other side.  She is determined to find a way in and will scratch at the door to get in.   So, it is best she does not go to a home where she would be kept separated from the rest of the family.  


Ghost kitten #1.   Most timid of the 3, is a mama's cat, still a bit attached, yet enjoys the outdoors!


Ghost kitten #2.   The female we were convinced was a male. The strongest, bravest, and most adventurous of her siblings. She makes these faint little squeak noises that sound like a mouse is in the room. She is still a little cautious around people or situations that are unfamiliar to her.


Ghost kitten #3.   This little girl might make an incredible mouser!   She's got the moves.  She is the only one who figured out how to use the cat treadmill.

Aramis (adopted)

So much to say about this tank of a cat.  He is built to last and will not tolerate another cat encroaching on his territory.  He is a man’s cat who wants to be loved and will climb up onto your lap if you sit still long enough.  He wants to be part of a family and wants to live in someone’s house.  He would be a good indoor-outdoor cat because he is not prone to wander off.   He showed up during the very cold spell in February 2021 and never left.  He has his own space and is let out every day to roam the property.  He is a survivor to be sure.  We have never seen him catch anything.  I would not adopt this cat if you are looking for a mouser.  We do not recommend him for a house with small children that might pull his tail or upset him.

Abby the Tabby

This young petite girl is as soft and sweet as any young feline can be.  She will give you those side glances from her shy eyes all the while turning her back to you for pets.  Her way of letting you know she wants to be touched is to hunch her back up and turn her tail to you.  She is an excellent tree climber and has learned to go up and down the trees with ease since we first brought her here to our property.  Sometimes it was to get away from another cat chasing her around and sometimes just to get a better view.  She is guarded with certain cats who she shares space with.  Sometimes these other cats are just playing with her, but she misinterprets their playing as a threat and will scream.  We think this little girl would blossom in the right environment for her.  She shows no signs of aggression and just wants to be loved. 


When she purrs it sounds like she's cooing.  Very gentle girl who enjoys soft pets.  Laryn is a snuggly lap cat, which is a wonderful thing since her fur is plush and you will enjoy having her close.  She has a gentle overall vibe to her.  Conversely, she can be spotted stalking other cats in the enclosure often. She is a chill cat who knows how to play predator.  The most she will do is chase them.  Some of her land mates enjoy the cat and mouse game she starts, and some don’t.  :-)   


The only Tortoiseshell from Concord.   She looks like stars in the night sky.  One worker calls her “starry starry night.” Once she gets going and her motor starts, she will nibble on your arms while you stroke her fur.  She headbutts her best friends in her space and enjoys the group interaction when humans are giving out the affection. She has a short cute little meow that says “hey I’m over here.” 


 This male kitty is gentle and kind to all of his feline friends.  His favorite activity is wrestling with his buddy Titus Red.  He basks in human affection and will be the first to get into our laps when he sees us sit down.  During play time, he will jump super high to catch the toys because Max is a happy cat with skills.

Larrabee (adopted)

He is a black and white tuxedo cat with a black goatee. A refined sophisticated cat with a gentle demeanor and a well-groomed coat.  He will climb trees for any reason and will go especially high because he can.  He gets along very well with all his land mates.  He is not as outgoing as his brother Max but is every bit a sponge for affection.  The other cats come to him to be groomed because they know he will do a good job.  He is not a picky eater and would be an ideal cat for a family that wants a mellow feline in their midst. 

Zorra Bandita (adopted)

This lovable creature is one of our many success stories but the difference with her is that we thought she was sick and feral.  We have come to find out that she is not feral and in fact is full of affection and wants to get into our laps.  Her health has improved so much that she turned into the fastest cat in the group when the wand toy is out.  She can bolt! It is always a pleasure to see her moves.  She gets along well with all her land mates too. 


She keeps herself amused better than anyone in her group.  When she is awake, she is playing.  When she is getting petted, she is on her back for a belly rub.  She doesn't like being in a group of cats, she's better one on one.   She is soft and fluffy with beautiful markings and has an intense look in her light green eyes that makes you wonder what she's thinking. 


This girl is dainty and polite with a quiet soulful meow that has a trill to it.  We never heard a meow like that before.  She enjoys being held gently and will allow kisses on her head.  She just started enjoying the wand toy after several months of avoiding it.  We are happy with this change and so is she.  She can be spotted climbing the tree to get to the top of her shed (who she shares with Amalia) and enjoying a good run across the enclosure.  


 A large black very chill cat.  He walks the perimeter of the fence line and spends a lot of his time alone and resting.  He is affectionate but does not linger long for petting because he seems to know that his land mates are waiting for their attention.  One day, not long after we brought him to stay with us, we were taking him to the vet and he got out of his carrier and instead of running away into the forest he focused on trying to get back into the enclosure with the other cats.


He gets so excited to see his humans that he will drop to the ground and roll at your feet.  He wags his tail and punks all the other cats as if to say “Watch out - this human is mine!”  He will chase after the wand toy like his life depends on it and do forward flips to catch it.  He relishes every bit of attention he can get and doesn’t want to miss out on whatever you might be up to.  He follows closely around our feet which can be hazardous.  We enjoy his overall zest for life and know that he would make a great addition to a family that wants a playful cat with a big heart.  


She is really breaking free from fearfulness little by little.  We do not know how old she is.  She is all dark with some white hairs near her neck.   She loves to be petted but stiffens when she is picked up.  She is an amazing wand toy chaser throwing herself into the chase with all she’s got.  She runs circles around her land mates.  Literally. 


This young girl  is unique inside and out, with a special way of talking that sounds like a whine from a child - only it’s cute!  The first time we saw her we noticed she had a rounded forehead which reminded us of a stuffed animal or a bear cub.  She has very soft dark grey fur with a little splash of white on the chest.  She has one eye that has a white mark in the iris which partially obscures the pupil - we don’t know how that happened.  She gets along with all the other cats, and we have never witnessed her either starting trouble or being the victim in a scuffle.  She really does roll with her land mates and will often be seen wrestling with even the biggest of her feline friends like a champ. 


This is Anastasia’s big brother.  He was very playful as a younger chap and would cheerfully engage - especially if we had toys.  Since being released into the enclosure with all the other kitties, he is less interested in human interaction and more comfortable running around at night with his friends.   His core personality is hopeful and loving.  He is every bit as wonderful and elegant in appearance as his mother Vivian.   He absolutely loves his freeze-dried raw treats so make sure you stock up! 


This handsome little dude needed more time and coaxing with treats to help him feel comfortable around us.  Now he coos and purrs and head butts the other cats and is really hungry for affection.  We are so pleased to see how loving he is! If you are a patient person and are willing to let him trust you at his pace, then please consider Greyson as a new addition to your family. 


Tyrone is everyone’s friend.  He is a peaceful hearted cat with a very sweet-sounding voice that says please give me some more raw freeze-dried treats.  He has a very masculine, strong appearance in his gaze, which reminds us of a panther.  When he sees us, he gets so happy he rolls and flips around on the ground and coos. His best friend is Greyson.  It would be wonderful to see these two boys adopted to the same home.

Leela (adopted)

(aka Tippy Talker)  She makes herself known to you because she wants to be petted. She is super plush and soft, and her expression is one of perpetual surprise. Her eyes are wide and green. She loves to engage in play time with the wand toy.  


She has a cute little face and is very talkative.  She likes to be held and crawl up into your lap.  She is very interested in playing with the wand toy and will do flips in the air trying to catch it.  This lovely little girl has a very bright spirit to her. 

Toula Moon

A sweet shy girl who prefers to be petted while perched up high on a shelf, away and apart from some of her other land mates.  She is clean and soft and gentle.  She has not engaged in play time with the wand toy, but might in a new environment where she does not have to compete with the others for a swipe at the toy.  When it’s feeding time, she will welcome any affection she can get.


She is a very intelligent feline.  She is one of those cats who wants to cover a lot of ground.  When she runs, she gallops.  We noticed that she loves to play with the other cats and has always been very diplomatic with new felines in her space.  She is not an over-reactive, high-strung kind of cat.   She has a cool demeanor overall.  


She feels like a chubby little cloud and is quick to purr. She likes to get on her back and get belly rubs.  She can be a bully with one of her roommates but stops when you let her know it is not ok.  During outings on the property, she will respond to our calls if she is going into areas she doesn’t belong.   She likes to be held but will also push you back at the same time.   She sometimes cries with happiness when being petted.


This big brown tabby boy is the ever-playful love bug in his group.   He really wants to jump and run and climb trees.   He has a huge appetite for play and food.  His fur is soft, and his meow makes you feel sorry enough to give in to his whims.   It would be wonderful if he could be adopted with his sister FeeBee.


This special girl is the shy stoic type until she goes outside - then she comes to life and is always the first one to go into the outdoor enclosure and the last one to come in.  She knows her name and has become confident in her surroundings.   She is the quiet one in her group and when she spots a cat who is not part of her group she becomes vocal with amusing karate sounds through the fence.

Kira (adopted)

A sweet natured shy girl who really wants to be with humans.  She is not a big fan of other kitties.  She really melts into your touch and her eyes look right into you.  Her markings remind me of a French girl wearing a beret over one eye.  She has a very good appetite although she is on a special diet and does not want any conflict with other cats .

Titus Red

Such a great cat who was adopted out once and came back to us because the other cat in the home was unaccepting of him.  He is a sensitive boy, who likes human attention and affection.

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