We began with TRN (Trap, Neuter, Return) for those cats near our home in Cleburne County, Arkansas.    The very first forest feline was a beautiful female we named Elowyn who made the rounds between our home and a few of the neighbors, although our home became her home.   We set up a warm place for her on our back porch during the winter, and over time she was allowed into our home where she would sleep on our guest bed to her hearts content, knowing she was safe from the dangers of the outside world.   She learned what it meant to be loved and cared for, and expressed gratitude from the joy within her heart.   

Elowyn, enjoyed her life to the fullest, roaming the land, catching mice and insects, yet eating the cat food and drinking the filtered water we gladly gave her.

We then took in several cats from the Fort Smith area, providing for all of their needs in the hopes of adopting out most, if not all, of them.    We discovered that due to their different personalities, they each needed individual attention and care.  One cat seemed scared and took ill.  One of the local vets didn't give us much hope,  yet we went so far as to bring her into our home, sleep with her at night, and take her outside for walks all by herself.  Now, Flomar is well-adjusted and in good health!
We have learned that every cat must be carefully observed every single day.  Medical intervention may also be needed as soon as possible lest a small problem escalate into one that is life-threatening.   Cats are sensitive creatures, emotionally and physically, and should be treated as such.

On Sept 2, 2021 we were told of a situation where an elderly lady from Concord, Arkansas was hospitalized with Covid so help was needed at her home with dozens of cats.  We went the next day, thinking we would use whatever she had available. (bowls, spoons, cat food, litter boxes, etc.)   What we found was not at all what we expected ... long story short:  The most humane thing we could do was to rescue every cat we could find and give them all a safe place to live, and make sure each one was well fed and well cared for.